February 17, 2009

Financial Help

In these hard economic times, it can sometimes feel like there is no hope financially and nowhere to turn. But there are actually a lot of resources out there to help you handle your money, even when you don't think you have any. Most people I know were never taught how to budget and go through their whole adult lives just "winging it" financially. It helps to have help, someone to look at your finances and tell you how you can make better choices to achieve the goals you have. One resource that has helped people I know is Consumer Credit Counseling. This organization helps you to get out of debt, negotiating with your creditors to lower your interest rate and even the amount owed. They offer help when you cannot pay your mortgage, your rent and your bills. They help you to avoid foreclosure on your house. They will work with you so that you do not have to file for bankruptcy, and will help you to rebuild your credit. In addition, they offer courses on finances. If you are hurting financially, most of the time you cannot get out of the hole on your own. So why not make the call? Here are some helpful links if you need help:

Consumer Credit Counseling
Consumer Credit Counseling of Orange County (CA)
By Design Financial Solutions
Christian Debt Consultants

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