June 4, 2009

Need Clothes for Your Kids?

Then don't miss tomorrow's sale at Children's Orchard - Fill a Bag for $5!   Children's Orchard is a children's retail store that sells very gently used clothing for cheap!  The prices here are often better than at thrift stores, with most items selling between $1.99-$5.99.  You can also sell gently used children's clothing to them and earn either store credit or cash.  I have done this a few times and earned at least $30 both times.  If you do want to sell to them, call to make an appointment, and iron all of the clothes.  They are picky and won't take anything with even the slightest stain, fade or tear.  THIS is the place to go for Halloween costumes, special occasion clothing, or just everyday gear.  They also sell many different baby items, toys, shoes, etc.  

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