September 12, 2009

Amazing Deals on Household Supplies!!

My friends over at Bargain Hunting Moms just wrote about this site that got me SO excited!!! I am one that tends to stress out when shopping for household supplies. Especially toilet paper. I want the best deal, the most sheets, and the softest t.p., but the choices are SO confusing! Same with napkins, paper towels, laundry soap, etc. Usually I just give up and throw in my cart whatever is on sale.

No More!! is a site that finds you the cheapest deals on household supplies AND applies any and all coupons towards them, AND ships them to your house for FREE! Did you just read that?!

I just set up my online account for the first time today, and I can't tell you how exciting it was to shop for toilet paper online. No more stress!! The prices really are cheaper than Target (where I normally dump the sale items in my cart). Set up your online account, and they'll even remind you to order every few weeks (you choose). You can even set up a budget to use, and they will help you track how much is going to each category. Awesome!

Visit Alice today!!

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Elizabeth Banta said...

Now THAT is cool! I am definitely signing up. Thank you for posting!!