November 12, 2009

Merry Christmas to YOU!

How would you like to earn a $50 gift certificate to anywhere you would like, just for doing your regular Christmas shopping? Let me tell you how to do it: -You may have read before on this blog about MyPoints. MyPoints is offering some great ways to earn extra points this holiday which will quickly turn into free gift cards for you. First you need to create an account, and then start earning your points. I only visit this site about 2x a month and already have enough points for a $25 gift card! -After you create your account, choose which stores you want to shop from for your Christmas gifts. If you spend $100 from selected stores (online), you automatically get 1000 bonus points, in addition to the points you receive per dollar (you can even combine stores for a total of $100). Also check out their daily specials. For example, today if you order from Domino's Pizza, you get 400 bonus points! Dinner anyone? -This week I needed to order something online from I first went to MyPoints, searched for KMart, and placed my order. That day they were having a special for 8 points per dollar, plus Kmart had their own specials on their website ($10 off any purchase over $50 that day). -One of the best deals I found on this site was for a 2010 Entertainment Book. If you go through MyPoints, you earn 750 points for buying a book. Once they lead you to the Entertainment Book website, you get $5 off each book, free shipping, AND a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant! This is a way to truly make your money work for you. You can also print coupons off of this site for the grocery store, and earn 10 points for each coupon you print.

Now you have no need to go out on Black Friday to go Christmas shopping; you can get many of the same great deals online. If you go through first, you are on your way to receiving your own Christmas present for all your hard work!!

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Elizabeth Banta said...

You know you post all the best stuff! Seriously. :) I'm def signing up for it.. thank for sharing :) :)