January 3, 2010

$5 Dinners!

I just came across this great website & cookbook called "Five Dollar Dinners", and I am so excited to try them! (I briefly thought of doing some kind of "Julie & Julia" challenge and making the recipes every single night - since I just watched that movie - but then realized that was just me being a little to spontaneous again and decided instead just to blog about it) :)

Anyway, this woman has some GREAT dinners on her site, and I have just created my menu for the week using many of these recipes. If you are on a tight budget, like I am, this is a GREAT book for you.

Please visit her site today and get some recipe ideas for your home - better yet, buy the book!
She is also giving away 10 FREE copies a day of this book (for just a few more days) so you can also enter that contest on her site.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Sounds good to me! Dinner at our house isn't cheap, that's for sure. I am probably the worst shopper that exists in terms of saving money. lol.
I could use some help in that area.
Thx for posting! :)