January 5, 2008

FREE Stuff?!!!!

Many people have asked me how my husband and I have gotten so many things for free.  Honestly, the #1 reason is God's blessing.  When we need something, we rarely go out and  buy it immediately.  We almost always wait until we can at least find it at a price we can afford. Sometimes that means we wait a long time.  But in the waiting, occasionally someone will find out about our need and just give it to us!  By waiting, we have received a computer, three vehicles (at different times), a piano, two guitars, baby furniture, a television, a stereo, and many more items.  So, my first tip for you would be - WAIT.  Keep a running list of "needs" and "wants" for your household.  We keep ours in a notebook.  We also check it off and date it when we obtain the item, and are always sure to thank God and pass a blessing on to someone else.

I want to share with you two websites you may not know about where you can find free things:

1)  www.craigslist.org  - Find your local city, and there is an entire FREE section (under "For Sale")!  You can type in what you are looking for in the "search" box.

2) www.freecycle.org - Find your local city, again, and check this site daily for things you need.  Just last week I got a free umbrella stroller for our baby that we needed for a trip we were taking.  The woman who gave it to me also gave me a bag of clothes for my oldest son.  What a blessing!

Be sure to post items on these sites that you no longer need, as well, because we have definitely found that God blesses us when we give!

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