January 5, 2008

Saving Money on Books, DVD's, and Videos

Whenever I need to buy a book, DVD or video, I almost never buy it from a store.  I always go online FIRST.  My favorite site to buy these items from is www.half.com.  This is a site connected to EBay, where individuals or stores can sell books or videos to you for dirt cheap.  They are required to put the condition that the item is in:  Excellent (Brand New), Good or Fair.  Shipping is usually a standard price, around $3.99 for media mail, or you can upgrade to expedited shipping for $5.99.  While this may deter some people, keep in mind that you can easily find brand new books for as low as .99 cents, so you can get a brand new book, with shipping included, for under $5.00.  WOW!  

Just this week I ordered three brand new  books, and got all three for less than $25 which included shipping.  I received them all within one week.  This is also a great site for college students who need to buy new or used textbooks.  Just be sure you have the right ISBN number and volume number before you purchase it, to make sure you are getting the correct edition.

If you absolutely cannot wait for a book to arrive in the mail and need it immediately, only then would I suggest going to Barnes & Nobles or Borders.  To me, these stores are expensive and I would only go there if I was desperate.  However, it is fun to peruse through their books if you're not sure exactly what book you need on a certain subject yet.   For DVD's, I would choose either Wal-Mart or Target, or Blockbuster if you are okay getting a used copy.  These stores usually carry them cheaper than other major retailers.  Good Luck!

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