September 19, 2008

Max Factor Makeup

Right now there is a great promotion online for MaxFactor makeup - if you visit this site, you can get 50% off four of "Gisele's Favorites for Fall" makeup items, plus free shipping and a free makeup bag!

I was recently given some samples of MaxFactor makeup to try (through BzzAgent) and received mascara, lipstick, blush, and a blush brush. I can truly say that I love the mascara and the lipstick. The mascara makes my lashes fuller than any other mascara I have tried, and the lipstick stays on for HOURS (like 12 hours!) through eating meals and everything! The blush is great, too, but just a little too light for me - I would have picked a darker shade to show more (although it is very natural looking).

Enjoy these savings!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Oh girl!! I wasn't sure if you already had this link or not; They list all kinds of "Free samples" and make u aware of any up & coming sales or discounts. I get some of the coolest things sent to our home all the time. My husband never knows if he's going to open the mailbox and find bills or a box of cereal! haha.. Just thought I'd pass it along to you!! =)