October 30, 2008

Stores Liquidating

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post a new update to this blog!! Life has been busy, but here we are again!

If you have not already heard, both Linens N Things and Mervyns are closing their doors and have already started to liquidate all of their stores. These are two great stores to pick up all your Christmas gifts from (If you aren't already done!) :) Prices will continue to be cut lower and lower each week. Currently, Linens N Things online is offering 30% off of all items, and you can save an additional 10% on the "Deal of the Day." Keep checking online for further discounts as we get closer to Christmas.

Mervyn's will also be slashing prices soon - some stores have already started, and some will start liquidating as we get closer to Christmas. They do not sell anything online, so you will just have to keep checking your local store (or call them) to find out when they are officially closing their doors. You can read more about Mervyn's bankruptcy here.

Another store that is closing its doors is The Sharper Image, due to a lawsuit lost to Consumer Reports. Check your local mall for the most recent discounts, but currently many stores are offering 20-40% off all merchandise. This store promises to live on through a strong online presence, although currently their website just says "stay tuned."

If you know of any more chain stores that are closing their doors, please let us know!! Happy Shopping!

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