November 9, 2008

More Great Restaurant Deals

If you like a certain restaurant and frequent there often, you should visit their website to see if they allow you to sign up to receive their online promotions. Pick Up Stix's Dragon Club will send you coupons almost every month, and you receive a coupon for a FREE combo meal just for signing up! Other restaurants, like Marie Calendars, will send you a postcard for your birthday and anniversary where you can get 50% off your meal along with a free slice of pie. There are too many to mention here, but just do a search for your favorite restaurant and see if they have an e-club to sign up for.

This is also a great time to buy your 2009 Entertainment Book. Right now you can get $5 off the 2009 edition and free shipping when you go to this link. Hurry, because this offer expires on November 30, 2008. If you do not already know, the Entertainment Book has editions all over the U.S., with hundreds and hundreds of coupons good for "Buy One, Get One Free" meals at restaurants, as well as huge discounts on attractions, rental cars, hotels, theme parks, and even grocery stores (There is a $5 coupon good at Ralphs for every month of the year). In addition, if you create an account online at their website (with your entertainment book card number), you can print even more coupons.

Another great website to save big on meals is at Here you can buy gift certificates to restaurants in the amount of $25 for only $10 each. Some of them are even cheaper! I found one restaurant in my area selling $10 gift certificates for only $3 each. The only catch was that you could only use one gift certificate per visit. Check it out first next time you're about to go on a date. You might be able to save BIG!

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Melanie said...

Hey! We just did birthdays in this household and we get all the fun free stuff. Cold Stone will give you a free ice cream. Dairy Queen has buy one get one blizzard. And Red Robin does a free burger. We have the kids signed up too!