November 9, 2008

More 99 Cent Store Bargains!

Okay, I know I have raved many times about my love for the .99 cent store. But this is why! Check out what I got tonight:

Ben & Jerry's cherry chocolate chip ice cream cones, Bertolli pasta sauce, and Coca-Cola Bottles!

Individual packets of Kraft Light Ranch dressing, Chewy Granola Bars (18 of them!) and Health Valley Organic Split Pea Soup.  (Did you know they have a whole organic section?!)

And here's what I picked up a few weeks ago - Dinner for 4 for only 99 cents!

A friend of mine found out that our local 99 cent store gets weekly deliveries on Thursdays. Just ask your local store manager when they deliver, and go a few hours later. Then you will get first pick to all of the best fresh and frozen items!

1 comment:

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I have no local 99 cent store . . . bummer - those are great deals! But it would be to expensive gas wise to get to them :)