November 30, 2008

Another Great Gift Idea (for Cheap!)

A friend of mine had one of these on her counter and I thought it was so beautiful. She is giving them away this year as Christmas gifts and said they only cost about $3-4 each (if you already have a bottle of wine). This is a pretty bad picture, but it is an empty wine bottle that she put a string of lights in (about 50 lights). She then ran the end of the cord out of the top of the bottle, put the cap back on it (or a cork), a strand of plastic grapes (she picked up at the Dollar Tree) and she is going to tie the top with ribbon. You can buy bottles of wine at the .99 cent store if you don't drink wine (or even if you do, some people I know have bought $40 bottles of wine there before). Look for one with a pretty or unique label to make it even more special. Here is the finished product:

Here is all you need for this project:


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