June 17, 2008

Buying the "Unmentionables"

I just read an article in Consumer Reports magazine about purchasing bras (see article here). Basically it says that when they ran tests on expensive bras, they found that the BEST bra was actually one for $11 from Target.  Even a lingerie designer with more than 50 years of experience wore a $14 bra herself.  

Lesson?  Victoria's Secret is just a brand.  It doesn't mean quality.  (So I guess this just confirmed what I already thought.)   Go Target!!

If you are looking for great prices on bras, underwear and lingerie (besides going to Target), try going to TJ Maxx or Ross.  These stores have name brand bras for so cheap.  I just bought two name-brand bras, both normally between $30-40, for $7.50 and $9.99.  


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