June 17, 2008

Cheap Children's Clothes!

I am finding that as my boys get older, the hand-me-downs come less. That's probably because older kids (boys especially) run down their clothes so fast! My oldest son is now in size 3T and so I have been on the hunt for cheap (but quality) children's clothes. Here are my top 5 picks for cheap children's clothing stores:

1) Children's Orchard - the clothes here are quality, clean, ironed, and cheap. Shirts run about $1.99 each and shorts are about $2.99 each. This is even cheaper than Goodwill sometimes! But the BEST part is - you can sell clothes here too and get store credit. You have to make an appointment, which I did for last Friday, and they bought $32 worth of clothes from me. I had a lot of unused clothes that had been given to me for my youngest, who has outgrown those sizes. I took my $32 of store credit (or they would have given me $24 cash), and I bought my 3 year old's entire summer wardrobe (well, almost!). I got 3 shirts, 4 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of pants, and one pair of shoes. Some of the items were brand new with the tags on them! I went over by .12 cents, so I I got ALL of that for .12 cents! Here is a picture of everything I got:

2) Mervyn's - sometimes they have the greatest sales. I have been there twice when they had these $1 and $3 sales, and I got fanstastic deals on clothes. Those sales are usually at the end of the season.

3) Kmart - while I generally don't like shopping at Kmart (for oh, about 100 reasons), they have great sales on kid's clothing. One time I saw shirts on a clearance rack for .25 cents! They also frequently sell kids shirts and shorts for under $3.

4) Walmart - same reasons as Kmart. Check the clearance racks in the children's section.

5) The 99Cent Store - Okay, I know what you're thinking: Either "What?!" or "Ew!", right? :) Well, I was there last week and they had collared polo shirts for boys for only .99 cents each! They were from a chain store - I couldn't tell which one - but I know I have seen clothing there before from Kmart and Walmart. You can either check the baby section or the aisle where the underwear and socks are - they sometimes have a rack of kid's clothes there. Surprised?! I was!!

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