July 5, 2008

Coupon Clipping

If you are a coupon-clipper, you probably already heard that Ralphs is no longer doubling coupons that are $1.00 or more. This is sad news to those of us who have religiously planned out our shopping adventures so that we can fill our carts with numerous free items every week. Vons stopped doubling coupons about two years ago and then did an about-face shortly after they lost thousands of customers (including myself) for doing so. So, I guess it is back to Vons for me.

Clipping coupons is not fun for some people, but for those who take the time to do it for about 10 minutes once a week, it is well worth it. Some people don't clip because they feel they will end up with a bunch of items they don't need, but I only clip coupons for things I do need, unless I will get it for free (if I know it is about $2 and I have a $1 off coupon that can be doubled).

If you would like to get the MOST out of your coupon clipping, you might want to try visiting The Grocery Game website. This is a site where you pay for a monthly subscription to the store of your choice (Ralphs, Vons, etc...) and they do the work for you. They tell you what coupons are coming out each week, where your best savings will be, and what you can stock up on. I have done a trial subscription to this site and it was pretty amazing. However, I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe's (where they don't take coupons), so I don't really need a subscription. My shopping at Ralph's has been mostly supplemental. Check it out! It pays to use coupons! When I do shop at Ralph's I regularly save 40-50% on my total bill by using coupons.