July 6, 2008

Video Rentals

While I have been a loyal Blockbuster customer for many years, I have not subscribed to their monthly service, nor have I joined Netflix, for the simple reason of not wanting a new monthly bill to have to pay. Yeah, I know it's only $10 a month, but we don't rent very many movies. And still, it's another commitment, and another bill.

Well, I just discovered a rental service at my local Albertson's the other night, and I'm a big fan of it now. It is a vending machine for DVD's called "Red Box DVD". They had a ton of new releases, and it's only $1 a night. I rented a movie on a Friday night, watched it, and had it back by Saturday at 9pm, and only spent $1!! If I remember correctly, I pay $4.32 every time I rent a video from Blockbuster. Yeah, I get to keep it for a few days, but I usually end up watching it the night I rent it anyway.

It may not be as fun as perusing the aisles looking for something interesting, but if you know what you want already, then give Red Box a try. You can save a few bucks!

Red Box DVD (locate one near you).


Amy said...

We love Redbox too! Often times I get home 8 blocks away and there's already a receipt waiting in my inbox. It totally works for us too!

Lana said...

Lots of times you can find codes for free rentals, too!