July 26, 2008

Goodwill Online

If you like to make things for people, have I found the Jackpot for you!  Goodwill is now online, and they have 2 full pages online of craft kits for around $2.25 each.  You can make a Baby Memory Frame, a Lamp Kit, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, scarves, totes, etc... These would be great for church groups or retreats!  They have a LOT of other great things as well.  Shipping is a flat fee of $7.99 but you still might be able to find a deal here you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.  Visit Goodwill Online.

I found out about this on one of my new favorite websites (I have a link to it on the left and below).  Check this webpage out weekly for the best internet deals (including Dooney & Bourke purses from Macy's!).  Visit Bargain Hunting Moms.


amy @ parkcitygirl said...

Hi Jaimie! I've always wondered how/if Goodwill and the sort could get online :) Thanks for the great info!

Rachel said...

Hi - I posted about this too. Have you found anything worthwhile after the 7.99 shipping?