July 24, 2008

Greeting Cards!

Every year, I estimate that I give and send about 30 greeting cards: birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, sympathy, thank-you's, etc... It just pains me that to get a nice card I usually have to spend at least $4.00 each at Hallmark. This equals about $120 a year just on greeting cards! I am not crafty, so making them is out of the question for me. BUT, I have found ways to save on greeting cards:

1) Costco. Every year Costco sells this huge pack of assorted greeting cards. These are quality cards. There are 41 handmade cards in the box, which retails for $119. Amazon sells this box for $54.95. However, Costco sells the same box for only $15. I use these all year long.

2) The Dollar Tree. I know, not the place you'd think of buying a greeting card. But they actually have some cute ones here! I bought a few recently and couldn't even tell the difference between these ones and some Hallmark ones I had purchased. (I wouldn't buy the ones at the 99cent store, though - they look like you bought them there).

3) Friends- if you have friends who do Stampin' Up, you may want to ask if they make and sell their own cards. I have a friend who has a whole box of homemade cute cards and sells them for only $1-3 each. I usually look through her box and purchase a few at a time.

4) Hallmark - You just can't beat a Hallmark card. So, if it's a really good one, I will shell out the $4-5 for the card. But be sure you get a Hallmark Crown card. That way you rack up points every time you buy a card, and you get coupons in the mail towards more cards, or even gift certificates. Their dollar cards are okay, but you can usually tell if someone bought you one. I would stick with the Dollar Tree cards if I am going to only pay $1.

5) Trader Joe's - Trader Joe's actually sells greeting cards for only .99! They are good quality and cute. Stock up next time you're there!

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The Gobbles said...

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