August 9, 2008

Overstock Deals

If you haven't already discovered the great bargains on, I highly recommend you head over to that site.  Shipping is only $2.95 per item, and if you need anything for your home, this is the place to get it.  I just found that I can get a  brand new dining room set for under $400 (including shipping!!!).  Need curtains?  Blinds?  Sheets? A new shower curtain?  A new couch set?  Seriously - before going to any furniture store from now on, this is where I will shop.  The bonus is that others who have bought the items have rated them so you can know the true quality.  

They also sell electronics (IPods), computers, jewelry, and tons of other stuff  (even sewing machines!).  Two years ago I did about 75% of my Christmas shopping on here and was absolutely amazed.   Get a head start this Christmas and head over to Overstock!

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Lana said...

Hi Jaimie! I love Overstock, too! I bought a gorgeous watch from them a few months ago. It was only about $25 on their site and I saw it on another site later for well over $200.

Thanks for mentioning my site on your blog. I like your blog, too! :)