August 13, 2008

Habitat for Humanity Store

We have been needing to repair some things around the house lately, and I recently heard about the Habitat for Humanity Home Improvement Store, so tonight we decided to check it out. This is a little like a giant Goodwill for home goods. There are new items from stores brought in, as well as used items that were donated. They have aisles of doors, windows, furniture, appliances, cabinets, knobs, lights, flooring, tile, lumber and much more. It was really a great selection of assorted items, many of which have character - not your typical Home Depot stock. They are also inexpensive, comparable to a thrift store. My favorite thing about this store was a whole aisle of brand new Shabby Chic sheets (in the original packaging) for only $10 each. These aren't the Target "Simply Shabby Chic" brand, but the original, real Shabby Chic label. They had more sheet sets than I could count, along with other Shabby Chic accessories (lamp shades, for one). It appeared that a store who carried this brand must have gone out of business and donated it all to this store. I can't guarantee these would be at any other location.

So, if you need some new knobs for your cabinets, outdoor furniture, or even wood for a project, this is the place to go. For a store directory of locations within the US, visit this site.


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