August 30, 2008

Kids Eat Free!

I now have 2 toddlers (ages 1 and 3), and our eating out bill has increased by at least $10 each time.  Both boys eat full meals and now need their own kids' meal when we go to restaurants. Today I was pleased to read an article in our daily paper about local restaurants that have "Kids Eat Free" menus on certain nights of the week.  (If you live in the South Bay, check out the list here).   The following chain restaurants may have a "Kids Eat Free" night in your area. (Granted, these aren't normally places I'd LOVE to go to, but if we need to save some money, then these are the places to choose from).  I've included the "typical" night that they offer this deal, although you may want to call the location nearest you just to double check:

Carrows - Monday & Tuesday nights
IHOP- Every night
Norms -  Monday night
Texas Loosey's - Every night
Tony Roma's - Monday & Tuesday nights
Denny's - Tuesdays (and some Saturdays)
Rocky Cola Cafe- Tuesdays
Rubys- Tuesdays

Another great resource to check out the deals in your neighborhood is


Anonymous said...

And King's Hawaiian does 99 cent nights on Tuesday and Friday.

Z Mom said...

ClaimJumper is one of the most kid friendly restaurants out there...They have a free childs plate upon asking....Turkey, Cheese, applesauce and milk...This was great when My son was 12-2, and it's so loud no one can hear your kids screaming...

Anonymous said...

Another Great resource for Kids Eat FREE restaurants is